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To boost your organization’s online presence, there are different types of marketing channels at your disposal. Each has its pros and cons but the one that tops the list is – Search engine optimization.

With over 93% of the online experiences starting from a search engine, optimizing your eCommerce SEO is a worthwhile marketing decision.

A strikingly optimized eCommerce SEO gives you a cutting-edge over your competitors by driving more traffic to your website. This digital era makes it paramount for companies to use eCommerce SEO to get the visibility they need.

Why is Ecommerce SEO important?

E-commerce SEO is a set of rules you need to follow to make your website organically more visible on the search engine results page. Online search is the number 1 driver of traffic to content sites and beats social media by 300%. Moving up the SEO ladder is the ultimate aim of any e-commerce website, for the numerous benefits it offers.

Let us see below how eCommerce SEO can benefit you from reaching the top of the search engine results.

1. Enhanced user experience

ECommerce SEO is not only about marketing, but it also increases the usefulness of a web page. If a customer invariably benefits by getting the best, closest results to his query within the shortest time.

2. Attracting relevant customers

SEO is more customer-centric rather than marketer-centric. Rather than pushing your online business to the customers, SEO focuses on getting the information easily accessible to them.

Stats say outbound leads close at a rate of 1.7%, while SEO has a close rate of 14.6%.

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3. Customer insights

Businesses can benefit indirectly by gaining insights when they shop online. The website can have access to the user’s location, likes/dislikes, language, and other aspects which help e-commerce websites personalize their content.

4. Competitive edge

In this highly competitive business market, new competitors do everything they can to get ahead. With an e-commerce SEO strategy, you can stay competitive in your industry and even lead the market.

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How much does an ECommerce SEO cost in India?

Most of you would want to rank no 1 on Google and other search engines but are unaware of an average Ecommerce SEO pricing in India.

The market is flooded with SEO agencies and companies charging exorbitant prices for their services. However, the ideal Ecommerce SEO packages 2021 vary between $500 to $5000 a month.

Search engine optimization requires a lot of work and a full-fledged team of professionals to ensure you a higher ranking and increased traffic. You need to select the best team at a prime Ecommerce SEO cost to best leverage your resources.

Having said that, if you want to do SEO yourself you have to be an expert in digital marketing, web design, content writing, data analytics, and numerous other things. Or, you can simply delegate the task to us. It can save you time, energy, and resources to employ in other aspects.

But the question here lies, how to select the best SEO agency providing the modest Ecommerce SEO packages in India?

How to select Ecommerce best SEO agency

Here is a curated checklist every organization must do before hiring an E-commerce SEO company.

1. Experience

A lot of eCommerce SEO agencies fail within years of inception. A good reputation counts for every company, but an ecommerce SEO company should have exceptional experience with a proven track record of success in the industry.

You as a client must ask the company about its previous clients and success stories. eCommerce SEO experts must have rich and diverse experience in the digital marketing area. Expertise and experience is also one major factor determining the eCommerce marketing cost in India.

2. Plan of action

A model E-commerce SEO agency will help you stand out in the crowd with its plan of action for your business. They need to understand your company, target audience, and goals before drafting an SEO strategy.

Look for an agency that has an innovative approach rather than focussing on the mere link-building aspect of SEO. The plan of action must be personalized, catering to your goals, and must include deliverables in numbers. For instance, a 12% increase in traffic by the end of 2021.

Image source – Ahrefs

3. Ethical SEO practices

The innumerable agencies in the market often confuse the clients and they end up hiring fake eCommerce SEO agencies. These fake companies offer cheap eCommerce SEO packages but use unethical practices to achieve higher rankings. The results look promising in the beginning, however, your website can be banned for a lifetime.

Image source – Wedevs

Any eCommerce SEO company should use white hat practices to maintain the integrity of your website and follow the laid terms and conditions by the search engines.

4. Understanding evolution

The expertise of an eCommerce SEO company is as important as its ability to change its strategies as and when the market demands. The experienced and accomplished eCommerce SEO experts are well aware of the latest search engine trends and updates.

Image Source – Stanventures

The Google algorithms for web ranking keep on updating regularly. The above picture shows a summary of the 2020 Google search algorithm updates. Hence, eCommerce SEO companies should be flexible enough to deliver results in this volatile market.

What to see while selecting the best eCommerce SEO package?

While the SEO agencies offer a wide array of eCommerce SEO packages, the requirements of businesses vary as per priorities. Having said that. Choosing from a wide range of plan options is a cautious step. However, there should be some must-have features in your eCommerce package that can help your site’s ranking potential.

1. Keyword research

This is the first step of an eCommerce SEO campaign. The package you select must use well-researched keywords as it is the most important part of digital marketing. The below Search Demand Curve depicts the importance of keywords:

Image Source – Auburn

Select eCommerce SEO Packages that conduct keyword research on an ongoing basis. Additionally, the team must be adept at using sophisticated keyword planning tools to identify the most relevant keywords for your brand.

2. Content Marketing

The content strategy of your selected Ecommerce SEO packages must be top-notch to drive the right audience and generate sales. 68% of customers feel more positive about a brand after reading content from it.

A lot of factors are taken into consideration before finalizing the content marketing strategy for your online business. Some of them being, Identifying Target buyers, the technology used to power your content strategy, and the process.

3. Backlinks

The average page in the top position on top search engines has over 35,000 external backlinks. Thus, acquiring some high-quality backlinks are imperative for your eCommerce store to rank higher on search engines. Ecommerce SEO packages 2021 must not use any shortcuts for link building. Instead, they should collaborate with reputed bloggers and website owners to acquire those links.

4. Measuring eCommerce SEO success

As a company you must know be left wondering about the results of your eCommerce SEO efforts. To check the progress of your SEO campaigns, choose a customer-oriented eCommerce SEO team. Timely reviews will help you to change strategies that do not work for you and focus on other aspects that need your attention. Good agencies provide you with timely reports to track your ROI.

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With a continuous rise in organic search, way and beyond the other channels, performing eCommerce SEO is more important in 2021 than ever. It is one of the most influential digital strategies that drive the long-term success of all businesses. However, finding the perfect eCommerce SEO experts in this tight SEO market is not easy. Our curated checklist and guide aim to help businesses understand the power of eCommerce SEO and shine out amongst their competitors.

Sourabh Sharma

Sourabh Sharma

Sourabh Sharma is the Managing Director of Ranking By SEO. He has been working in SEO & Digital industry since 2010.

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